Movie Review: 1911

1911Co-directed and starring Jackie Chan with Zhang Li, the movie marks the 100th film for the esteemed international kungfu star, and is also a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the historical Xinhai Revolution that ended China's last feudal dynasty in 1911.

Set in one of the most turbulent times in Chinese history, Jackie Chan plays Huang Xing, who together with Sun Yat Sun (Winston Chao) forms the Tung Meng Hui association as a bid to fight for a better future for their people. The first uprising was crushed mercilessly with over 70 deaths. The second, taking place in Wu Cheong, would be the royal army led by Zhang Zhen Wu (Jaycee Chan). This time, they successfully capture the three towns in Hu Han and gains control of the Hu Bei province. When Yuan Shi Kai is appointed by the Empress to curb the efforts, Huang Xuang leads the defending troops to victory.

Most who would catch Jackie Chan's films would do so for one reason – the fighting scenes Chan choreographed or, more specifically, those starring the man himself. For those looking at the second category, they might not be satisfied with the one toned-down fighting scene that featured Chan. The rest, especially the war film buffs, however, will be treated to several well-framed war clashes.

Besides featuring the famed 56-year-old actor Jackie Chan, the cast also boosts stars such as Li Bingbing (Miss Nightingale), Winston Chao, and Joan Chen, as well as his blood son, Jaycee Chan. A total of 70 celebrities, cameo or not, will appear in this film – likely out of reverence for the iconic kungfu star.

While I dare not say this film matches previous standards set by Little, Big Solider and The Shinjuku Incident, the war scenes as well as fights choreographed by Chan himself are satisfying and the star power itself is sure to garner a great crowd. And as Chan's 100th film, fans would not want to miss this!

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