The Vow

The_VowInspired by a true story, The Vow is a film that explores how far the wedding promise should be or could be taken.

Leo (Channing Tatum) owns a recording studio, Paige (Rachel McAdams) is a sculptress and they are deeply in love. On a snowy Winter night, when a truck sends Paige through the windshield from their car, she loses five years worth of precious memory – and more importantly, life before she met Leo. Her memory stays with the ex-boyfriend (Scott Speedman) who conveniently plays along. What's worse, she forgets her wedding vow to "find the way back to each other no matter what". The story takes one through her realisation the path she had chosen and deciding whether to return to it or not as well as her partner's patient and loving  ways as he attempts to refresh her memory.

Interesting albeit cliched premise sets a new perspective on wedding vows. What if the love is forgotten along with the memory? What if she is no longer the person she has become – as Paige returns to the snobbish upper middle-class upbringing type she was half a decade before? What if we had the chance to choose again? Will we go down the same path? These questions are touched upon through a tad too many voice-overs.

A romance with amnesia as the central theme sounds cliched but nonetheless heartwarming when love triumphs. Also an earnest story with charming actors, The Vow will draw in the usual sappy rom-com crowd while surprising others.

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