Yearend celebrations and Christmas partying also signifies a season for weddings... and bachelorette parties. Check out Bachelorette for some laughter or even a couple of ideas for your own.

Right before a wedding is often a wild night of partying as the last night of singlehood for the bride. As the last part of her preparation for her marriage with sweetheart Dale (Hayes MacArthur), Becky (Rebel Wilson) gathers with two of her best girl friends gather together and heads off for revelry in New York City. Overachieving friend Regan (Kirsten Dunst) is secretly sore she did not make it first to be married and Katie (Isla Fisher) is a vivacious beauty wasting her life away no thanks to her ex-boyfriend Clyde (Adam Scott). The story goes through the silly things went through during that memorable night with a few laughs for the onlooker.

Rather than a sappy romantic comedy of a movie of sisterly friendships overcoming everything, Bachelorette differentiates itself with daring anti-heroines of which characters are clearly flushed out in the duration of the movie. For one, there is surely a jealous frenemy like Regan who would be affected, regardless of her eventual thoughts of the wedding, right? Dunst puts up a great performance as a painful but real character in Bachelorette.

Add some jolly good music, Bachelorette the film makes a great feel-good weekend entertainment for friends, female or not.

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