Care for Leather

Shoes Just spent a bomb on a lovely pair of leather shoes? Sure, it is a worthy investment as a long-lasting and elegant choice of wear, classy enough for work and casual enough for play. But as durable and lasting top quality leather can be, without proper care, leather can dry and crack – and result in some heartbreak in you, who have just spent a significant part of your salary on them.

So, here are some simple steps to care for them.

Leather shoes have to be cared for periodically. Leave them at the back of your cupboard for months in a row and you will find them either moldy with faded white dusky sports or dry and cracked.

Hence, you should clean them once in a while. Lather some soapy water over your shoes, wiping excess liquid away with a piece of soft cloth in gentle circular motions. However, be sure to get cleaning liquids specifically for cleaning leather, such as saddle soap, in case general ones contain chemicals that would decolonize your shoes.

Next, select the right colour of polish or wax for your shoes. This not only makes them shine but also serve as a protective layer. No matter how careful we are, shoes are shoes and may come into contact with water, dirt and grime on the road.

That's not all. After all the cleaning and polishing, you will need to stuff your shoes with shoe trees or newspapers to help maintain its shape after all the softening. You could also wear your shoes around to get it well moulded into your feet's shape.

Lastly, wear your leather shoes every once in awhile to keep it from hardening and comfortable.

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