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JewelFor weeks, we heard much about Jewel Coffee from our well-heeled friends and readers that work in the CBD area. Hence, we decided to check out the place for lunch.


We had the spicy kurobuta pork spaghetti despite recommendations from friends to go for the sandwiches (namely the turkey cranberry sandwich) as we wanted something more filling. It was disappointing to say the least. Spicy it was not, and for the price and the quality of the coffee, we expected real kurobuta pork. Or a fillet rather than the sliced sausage version of the real thing. The crispy cracker strips that topped the dish helped pull up its overall points though.

Of course, we just had to have the coffee. I was feeling pretty fresh and awake, needless of the caffeine rush so I went for the mocha. I was given a pleasant surprise. The mocha here wasn't the sweet, syrupy sort that you usually get at drinks joints but had a good balance of coffee aromatics with dark chocolate. Definitely something I would come back for.

My friend wanted to try something new today and went for a macchiato, which she had totally no idea what it constituted of. Hence, she had a shock when it came and we realised it is a cup of espresso with foam. It was amusing looking at her down it sip by sip while eyeing my mocha. Nonetheless, the amateur, convinced the coffee is strong and smooth, said the cup would definitely be praised by a connoisseur.


It is pretty much self-service – understandable since the place is chaotic during rush lunch hour at the CBD area. The baristas were friendly and chatty despite peak hour and gently informed us the types of beans that were used not that we really could identify its origins. Still, the gesture was well appreciated.

We will be back for the coffee, rather than the food and ambience!

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