3 Reasons to Take Breakfast

Breakfast_BenefitsYour parents have been drilling this into your head; schools and organisations strongly recommend it; and several studies have proven the many benefits of breakfast. The first meal of the day is really the most important one, and here is why. 

Weight Control

Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese rather than those who enjoy the meal regularly. One probable reason for this is that the hunger pangs that result without breakfast may cause us to overlook healthier choices as well as to overeat at the next meal.

Weight Loss

Breakfast eaters also tend to have higher-quality diets than the skippers, who are prone to indulge in more flavourful as well as unhealthy choices. On top of this, the former group tend to have higher activity levels than those who usually skip breakfast. The calories burnt from moving about more than outweighs that of missing the meal entirely. 

Fuel for Performance

Besides weight management benefits, researches show that breakfast eaters also perform better at school and at work. Children who have breakfast daily are found to have better memory, concentration as well as mood.

So, the next time you skip breakfast for another 10 minute snooze thinking you would then be more alert at work or lose some calories, think again. You might end up suffering the hunger pangs for no good reason! 

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