Dining Clubs

Dining_ClubsHow does paying for membership to one dining club and gaining access to discounts at several cafes and restaurants sound to a foodie?

Gastro Couture

Rather than pay a flat membership rate for discounts, diners may simply make reservations through Gastro Couture's online booking system, which costs $2 but gets you between 20 and 30 per cent off the bill – just remember to remind your server that you made a reservation via the dining club. Participating restaurants on their list include the acclaimed Amici and Blue Ginger.


There are two tiers of Palate memberships: basic ($428+) and premier ($598+). While both memberships grants diners access to the same list of participating restaurants, the annual basic members gets a welcome pack with about SGD1,000 worth of dining vouchers and the premier members gets SGD500 more. A couple of participating restaurants include Coast @1-TwentySix and Le Noir.

Survival Chic

Members need pay $400 for a one-year membership, which gains you access to exclusive culinary events and a 30 per cent off their bill at over 50 participating restaurants. Two of which includes the Tippling Club and Wild Oats. The only catch is that you may only use the discount once at each of the restaurants you visit.

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