Inle Myanmar

Hidden in the basement of Peninsula Plaza is Inle Myanmar, a well-loved Burmese restaurant, whether by expats or tourists from Myanmar.


Having completely no knowledge of Burmese food at all, we asked the friendly waiter for recommendations. First, we had the pickled tea leaves salad ($5). The menu's description of the dish was hardly appetising – and our response to it the same. Fermented tea leaves with dried shrimp, tomato, shredded cabbage, and chilli sounds odd. It was nice to have a crunch to the usual salad but the overpowering flavours of certain ingredients in the salad was too much for us to bear. We washed this down with several gulps of the free iced water served.

The main dish recommendation mohinga ($6.50) did not disappoint us though! Though a little too oily for our liking, the rice noodles in murky fish soup was satisfyingly delicious. We loved the chickpea fritters that came with the noodle dish but don't let it soak too long or it will lose the yummy crunchiness that complements the dish so well.

We also ordered Inle's Pork Curry ($9.50) since the pictures looked so tempting. The pork was soft and tender with the right amount of fat to lean bits. Though the dry curry came as a surprise to us, the pork was sufficiently flavoured and left us craving for more despite the appetiser and this being a second main dish!


The brightly lit restaurant, crowded even at 3pm in the afternoon, is decorated with Burmese scenic posters, little statues of ladies in traditional Myanmar wear, as well as bright oranges of the country's national identity. The waiters and servers were prompt and cheery though one might have a bit of problem communicating with them in less than rapid English.

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