This little French bistro at Bugis+ has a loyal gathering for affordable and tasty food in a casual setting.


We ordered the signature dish of poulet roti, which is roast chicken with homemade mushroom chardonnay sauce. Many have been raving about this dish and the picture further enticed us. The chicken is succulent and tender but dry in a few areas; the sauce goes well with the white meat. We also had the beef in red wine sauce with carrot and onion. The dish is rich and tasty with soft melt-in-your-mouth beef doused in sweet red wine sauce.

We were satisfied though not yet full so we went for the sausage platter which was served with mustard dijon. Nothing to rave about but sure filled our tummy up before our desserts of a banana bread pudding and tiramisu came.

The banana bread pudding was surprisingly moist and yummy with a big scoop of ice cream on top. The tiramisu came in a cute little jar but was just average with hardly any trace of alcohol we thought. Overall, it's still a great end to a satisfying meal.


Set in the centre area of Bugis+, Poulet can be considered al fresco of sorts. Those dating might prefer it to be more private but friends and family would love the bright open space. The service is prompt and polite with a smile too, unlike most French restaurants.

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