Fabulous Baker Boy

FBBAt the foothills of Fort Canning park is Fabulous Baker Boy opened by Juwanda Hassim, ex-theatre performer and operations manager with the 1 Rochester Group.


Simple food like pasta and all-day breakfasts, and many more cakes are found at this casual bistro. To start off, we ordered Grandma's Pancake off the menu. Plain as the dish looks when it came, the maple syrup and slice of butter perfectly complemented the fluffy pancakes.

More importantly, dense and moist but not too sweet, the red velvet cake is a must have. For SGD8.50, this may be costly if not for the huge size it came from as well as the quality of this fluffy chocolate cake.

Sandwiches made from freshly baked breads from The Bread Project can also be found here at the Fabulous Baker Boy. Looking at how well the sweet stuff turned out, we will be back to try the savoury treats too!


Surrounded by the beautiful lush green surroundings of Fort Canning Park Office, Fabulous Baker Boy shares its premise with Viridian Art House, a new art space launched just earlier this year. The place eludes a casual, relaxed feel, perfect for a quiet day out.

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