Chocolate Origin

Chocolate Origin only offers two flavours of chocolate cakes, original and dark chocolate, and it is enough to have customers coming back for more.

Cakes made here are conjured from natural and quality ingredients. They sure are tasty and just dense enough. The dark chocolate version is very good for people
with less of a sweet tooth but does not lose that chocolatey flavour. The same goes for their creamy chocolate ice cream.

But what really stood out for us was the chocolate lava cake. We were surprised at the price of $5 of this small cake in a cup but when the warm chocolate lava oozed out, we knew it was going to be good. The vanilla ice cream at the base was a nice touch too.

They sell birthday cakes by the order for party needs or you could order several of the chocolate lava cakes to form one birthday cake for convenience. Otherwise, these sweet treats make great gifts for colleagues or to bring to parties too.

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