The Market Grill

Hearty eaters would be thrilled at The Market Grill with its piping hot cuts of steak, beef burger patties handcrafted by the chef as well as Atlantic lobsters for the seafood lovers – all cooked to perfection right in front of you.


The kitchen is helmed by Chef Colin West, who has a stellar track record with experience at Les Amis, Le Saint Julien, Braise and Swiss Grill, so we entered with expectations of the joint. There's a wide variety of cuts including premium ones like Black Angus Prime Beef Rib and Aged 21 Days Grassfed Ribeye as well as more exotic cuts like Ox Tong and Beef Brisket.

We chose the CW Signature burgers and it was really good! What looks so simple was a juicy succulent patty in well toasted buns. The same goes for the Wagyu which was tender and just perfectly done the way we wanted it. All cuts are served accompanied by a choice of red wine jus or spicy peppercorn sauce with sides like onion confit and potatoes either mashed or traditionally cooked in duck fat.

The Chargrilled Whole Lobsters drizzled in garlic and lemon infused clarified butter looks so good and will definitely be our choice when we visit again.


The Market Grill is a charming joint interestingly modeled after old-style traditional butcheries and whimsical diners situated along Telok Ayer street, which features its lobsters flown in from Maine and Boston are displayed in a 1.5m tank too. Diners who love open-concept kitchens would want to check here out too.

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