The Switch

I have not had the chance to watch a whole lot of premieres so getting to watch this was very exciting for me. Better yet, Jennifer Aniston (Love Happens, The Bounty Hunter) is the female lead in the show – a good enough reason on its own to watch.

Aniston plays Kassie Larson, a woman who desperately wants a child before her biological clock goes off.

Her solution: Throwing a party, with too many fertility gods' images, to invite her chosen sperm donor to provide his male help. However, her BFF Wally Mars, played by Jason Bateman, drunkenly stumbles upon the male offering and spills it. With lots of help from Diane Sawyer and his trusty hand, he manages to replace it with his own.

Of course, as romantic comedies go, Wally forgets it all in his drunken stupor, Kassie moves away and we fast-forward to seven years later.

When Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) turned six, Kassie moves back to New York and caught up with her BFF Wally. The little tot grows up to be a mini-me of Wally, making him very confused about what exactly happened the night seven years ago. Complicating matters is Kassie's new relationship with her chosen donor Roland (Patrick Wilson) from all those years ago.

Surprisingly, the movie was rather engaging and funny (though strangely you can never remember why it was hilarious). I will not divulge how the story goes, but that we have a happy ending.

One point to note though, when the reunion scene plays, bury your head into that oversized bucket of popcorn and work your way through. It is as cliché as a scene can get – with short dialogue and secret smiles and wham, a happy ending already.

All in all though, The Switch is a good movie to watch for laughs and to go aww during the very good father and son bonding scenes.

And to watch Aniston, of course.

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