Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage

Sammy's Adventures, as its name suggests, follows the life of adorable love-sick sea turtle Sammy (Yuri Lowenthal) as he pursues the love of his life across several oceans.

The love interest in question is Shelly (Jenny McCarthy), who drifts out into the open ocean in a moment of misadventure. Along the way, which took a long 50 years, Sammy meets with dangers in all forms including terrifying sharks, hungry piranhas and eagles, as well as other fascinating sea creatures like talking seagulls, octopuses and pretty seahorses.

Thanks to the storyline, Sammy's Adventures is almost like a breathtaking animated documentary film that showcases the beautiful marine life at the seabeds – corals, dolphins, penguins and even whales! Like many other animation productions following Avatar, the film offers a peek into life under the sea in 3D, enhancing the cinematic experience.


And beyond that, the film also touches on the issue of global warming with a significant number of messages on the impact of humans' actions and its repercussions on their environment, including an over-familiar imagery of turtles trapped in plastic bags.

In all, Sammy's Adventures is a cliched animation that is best viewed for uplifting spirits and educating kids with the firm moral of the story. But while the slightly draggy movie may not be as good as Finding Nemo or How to Train your Dragon, it is largely enjoyable with well-paced laughter for a small-budget film.

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