Tron Legacy

While the Disney's interpretation of the 1982 verson of Tron boasts advanced digital imagery and much visual eye candy including flying bikes and snug bodysuits, it lacks much in the narrative department with a backdated storyline.
More than two decades after the disappearance of his software engineer genius dad Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), angsty teenager Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) discovers and has himself sucked into the secret digital world his father created for an unlikely reunion. It seems that Kevin had then became so obsessed with the digital world he created that he finally got trapped there by his near-perfect programmed self.
And as the cliched storyline – beginning with the usual father-son power duo (think Ironman) – goes, Flynn junior has to continue the legacy of, if not surpass, daddy dearest to save them both from the evil double Clu's clutches. But not without the help of beautiful sidekick Quorra (Olivia Wilde).

Would they be able to escape the precarious world of Kevin's own making? Halfway through the film, we can answer truthfully: not that we really care. Upon entering the perilously cool grid, the film enters into the 3D mode. There, Tron creates a cool new world with programs disintegrating upon impact from flying bikes, dangerous frisbee disc games and eye-popping motor-racing scenes that distracts the audience from its lacking narrative.

Our advice: switch off the mind and enjoy the visuals.

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