The Tourist

Even two of Hollywood's top actors (in both acting skills and looks) can't save this romantic comedy slash crime thriller, The Tourist, directed and co-written by Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others). But if you are in for some mindless fun or eye candy, you might just want to catch Jolie and Depp's latest flick.

Jolie is Elise Clifton Ward, the glamourous and at the same time mysterious English lover of Alexander Pearce, who has stolen billions from London gangster (Steven Berkoff). The femme fatale receives instructions from Pearce to head towards Venice by train. On board, she picks up Frank Tupelo (Depp), a boring, goofy mathematics teacher from Wisconsin – of the same build as her villain lover – to confuse her followers, both mobsters and interpol (Paul Bettany and Timothy Dalton).

The Tourist is filmed against the backdrop of picturesque scenery in Venice, with star-studded crew, especially Jolie who was dressed by costume designer Colleen Atwood of film Chicago and gets to strike all the alluring poses she wants, and audience can expect familiar scenes in trains, rooftops, casinos and boat chases.

In terms of acting, Jolie and Depp both shine as individuals rather than a couple – near complete lack of chemistry and a fatal downfall for a romantic film. Top that with a confusing and unrealistic plot, audience would likely be in for a disappointment especially from a Oscar-studded crew and cast.

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