Perfect Rivals

Produced by Fly Entertainment, Perfect Rivals is a heartwarming and hunger-inducing film of the feud between two bwa kwa-making families, Hao Han Bak Kwa and Mei Mei Bak Kwa.

Owners of respective bwa kwa powerhouses, Chen Hao (Ha Yu) and Zeng Mei Mei (Irene Ang) used to be lovers but, for selfish reasons, turned against each other. The families' bak kwa rivalry spans across generations, right down to Chen Hao's two sons Xiao Ma (Josh Lai) and Xiao Hu (Stanly Hsu) as well as Mei Mei's two daughters Zhen Zhen (Pamelyn Chee) and Yuan Yuan (Mindee Ong). The latter is even comically sent dressed as a male to spy on the enemy.

The power-packed cast includes veteran Hong Kong actor Ha Yu and Michelle Yim, local stars Irene Ang, Pamelyn Chee, Mindee Ong, Malaysian actor Josh Lai as well as Taiwanese Stanly Hsu.

Perfect Rivals was supposed to air during the Chinese New Year period but plans were shelved in a smart move against unnecessary competition with the festive flicks. Nonetheless, all the belly laughing and delicious-looking bwa kwa on the set would serve to get the audience's craving for the festive delights back again. We recommend sneaking some of those yummy stuffs in while you enjoy the movie!

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