The Illusionist is a slow-paced and adorably charming yet bittersweet tale that is rare in today's fast and almost furious market of films.

Lost to a entertainment world that has quickly passed him by for rock and roll despite his talent, a struggling French magician makes ends meet by performing his tricks at random bars, pubs and other gigs with the classic old top hat and his trusty little rabbit. One fine day, he is hired for an overseas job to Scotland where the man of few words feels a rare appreciation for his craft and his skill.

Well, perhaps a little too appreciated. Friendly girl-maid Alice, with a troubling deep earnest belief in him and that his magic is real, leaves home in Scotland and follows him to Edinburgh. As the young lady yearns for more pretty shoes and clothes the old man could "magically conjure up", he takes on more odd jobs to keep up with the illusion. Together, the unlikely two go on a magical journey through the fairytale-like city and quietly form a deep bond.


Dialogue is kept to a nice whimsical minimum but the film is full of expressive gestures that does a great job of telling the story as well as whimsical background like the prettily dreamy cityscape of Scotland against a backdrop of gently falling raindrops. And slow-paced as it is, the film quickly and quietly endears itself to the audience and has the power to make one all sentimental in this fast-progressing world.

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