Ghost: Invisible Love

This movie, Ghost: Invisible Love, is a real treat for all Song Seung-heon fans as the star plays a Korean potter, Jun-Ho, who meets successful young entrepreneur Nanami (Nanako Matsushima), many who would know better as the older sister from the Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango.

The couple falls in love and marries soon after dating. But barely a year after their marriage, tragedy strikes when Nanami is killed on her way home. As she was not ready to leave this world, her soul remains in this world. She later learns that her death was actually murder and Jun-Ho is in grave danger. However, being unable to communicate with any humans except a psychic named Unten, acted by Kirin Kiki, she warns Jun-Ho through her.

This movie is the remake of the 1990 Hollywood movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Many might think it is a cheesy remake of the original though, this time, the one who was killed under mysterious circumstances is the female protagonist instead of the male.

The director is Otani Taro, who also directed hit Japanese drama series "Gokusen", and major investors include Korean entertainment company CJ, Paramount Pictures Japan and Shochiku Company.

During the press conference held at Tokyo’s Grand Hyatt Hotel on August 3, Song affirmed that this movie would be “on a different level from previous Korean-Japanese melodrama co-productions.” Matsushima also said, “We did our best not to go against the most memorable scenes from the first movie. We’ll be able to move audiences in a different way than the original.”

‘Ghost’ is now showing in cinemas. It is in Japanese and screens with Chinese and English subtitles.

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