Fans of superhero flicks will have much to rejoice with latest Marvel production, Thor.

Chris Hemsworth plays the mythological mighty god of thunder Thor in this new superhero blockbuster. Arrogant and haughty, Thor was just a single step away from succeeding his old man Odin's (Anthony Hopkins) rule as the ruler of the floating celestial kingdom of Asgard. But alas, his temper got the better of him. He loses his throne to scheming brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and falls a long way down from grace to Midgard (aka Earth) – literally onto the windscreen of astrophysicist, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)'s RV and her pals (Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard) – where he learns humility from the mortals and, too, their earthly entertainment of Facebook and iPods. With the lady and her pals' help, he races to retrieve his magic hammer and save humanity as well as his rightful kingdom from the Destroyer.

Hemsworth is fitting as the Norse god while Skarsgard gives a stunning performance. However, even as a Portman fan, I would say her role as Jane Foster was one hardly memorable – largely due to the scripting of the character. What I loved most about this film was that the "gods" in question are made emotional and even human-like. And armed with some cool weaponry like the Mjolnir, of which powers Thor maximises, there were some electrifying epic fights. The film, noisy and full of super-powered action, made great use of digital effects and utilises the 3D tool well too.

In all, Thor has pulled off a nice balance of intense action while maintaining some exploration of humanity, and is a great film to watch especially if you are planning to catch Marvel's The Avengers next year.

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