Animals United

In what seems to be the German version of Madagascar, 'Animals United' opens this week. Will it match up to the film that got "I like to move it, move it" so annoyingly popular? Let's see…

Faced with a dwindling water supply and to prove his worth to his son Junior, courageous meerkat Billy (James Corden) and his bestie vegetarian lion Socrates (Stephen Fry) ventures out to set things right again. Enroute Okavango Delta in Africa, they rally up Charles the Gallic rooster, a female polar bear, a kangaroo, a Tasmanian devil and two 700-year-old giant Galapagos turtles. The problem they discover, of course, was human-caused globalwarming. Resort manager Smith has built a gigantic dam to collect the water for his new luxury resort, cutting off the water supply to the African plain. Ironically, that is exactly where politicians from all over the world have gathered to brainstorm for some environment-saving action. So together, the zoo of animals

Big surprise, the message's typical. Human's the usual bad guys bent in destroying the environment they live in. After all, we send oil tankers onto rocks, set fire to rainforests and build dams that destroy eco-systems. But polar bears floating all the way South alive? Hmm, that's kind of stretching it.

Still, believability aside, 'Animals United' is a tad too preachy – high-pitched performance by James Corden is just plain whiney half way through – but surely educational and entertaining, especially for the younger ones. Nonetheless, fans of Ice Age and Madagascar should keep their hopes reasonable.

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