Tell Tale

Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" is repackaged into a thrilling suspenseful film thanks to an outstanding cast and an interesting premise.

Josh Lucas plays Terry, a single dad, who gets a second shot in life with somebody else's heart. The problem is, the previous owner of the heart was murdered and deep down – pun intended – lusts for revenge. His heart goes thumping furiously when meets certain characters for the first time. Along the way to discovering more about the murder, he meets detective (Brian Cox) with a hidden agenda, and falls in love with his sick daughter Angela's (Beatrice Miller) doctor, Elizabeth (Lena Headey).

As expected of an independent film, the characters are given enough time for development and the actors given sufficient opportunity to hone their acting skills or boast them. Lucas's struggle to manage his new heart while caring for his daughter amidst a growing interest in his daughter's doctor is tormenting yet intriguing. The cast including and especially Cox puts up a great performance… which explains why the indie film was brought onto the shores of Singapore two years after it was filmed and screened in the States.

For those looking for horror, dark and twisted as it is, Tell Tale isn't scary enough. But for those who love an action thriller or a fan of Josh Lucas, the film should be just sufficiently intriguing with the great acting by its cast.

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