Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Flying_Swords_of_Dragon_GateFollowing the success of "New Dragon Gate Inn", respected director Tsui Hark returns to impress the audience with his latest film, "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" in 3D.

Wuxia veteran Jet Li plays skillful swordsman Zhao Huai An who feels obliged to eradicate corruption which is strife in the Ming government, no thanks to evil eunuchs headed by eunuch Yu Hua Tian (Chen Kun). Aware that might be a road of no return, he rejects the love of fellow swordsman Ling Yan Qiu (Zhou Xun) who in turn is willing to risk her life for the hero. All assembles at the Dragon Gate Inn located where it is rumored that a once-every-60-years sandstorm will be unearthing the prized treasure.

The trailer of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate seems to suggest a tad too many computer-generated effects – though some scenes could have done with less such as sword strikes morphing into daggers – but the actual film evens it out with equally impressive fight scenes.

Jet Li does an adequate job as stoic hero Zhao and plays his kungfu well but could do with more hints of emotions that would do much to shape his character while Chen Kun, who plays two characters, manages a much memorable performance than the lead.

Sadly, the director and writer, where should build up tension between the two camps instead introduced several more characters who, to their credit, withhold weapons and skills that seem to have been considered or even created to make use of 3D technology well.

Top it up good plot with great actors as well as action, Flying Sword of Dragon Gate is a film to catch in the theatres and in 3D.

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