Mirror Mirror

Mirror_MirrorIndian director Tarsem Singh (The Fall), aided by scriptwriters Mellissa Wallack and Jason Keller, releases his take of the Grimm Brothers' tale this week. Will it be a fairytale or a nightmare? Let's see. 

Widowed and aging, evil queen (Julia Roberts) is green with envy when faced with stepdaughter Snow White's (Lily Collins) growing beauty. Things take a turn for the worse when love in the form of a lovely Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) appears and is thrown into the equation. Nathan Lane plays cowardly servant Brighton, who is ordered to dispose of Snow White in the deep, dangerous forest. The seven dwarfs play lovable thieves who have an issue with being addressed as shorties.

Expect lovely, pretty sets and costumes from snow-covered greenery to fanciful gowns and dresses. Stunning it is, Mirror Mirror is Japanese costume designer Eiko Ishioka's last piece of work as the Oscar winner passed away in January this year.

The film reflects a clear feminist streak: the girls will not settle to wait for prince charming to save the day but instead fight for their own destiny. Too bad the ones in question are against each other. Roberts puts up a great performance, convincingly morphing into an annoying, hateful character she rarely plays. Collins, on the other hand, to be fair, hasn't much the room for development rather than looking pretty and perfect.

The dwarves are fun, the ladies pretty, and the prince charming enough for one to give this one a try – just for fun and some laughter.

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