21 Jump Street

A police screwball comedy sounds like a disaster but somehow the directors of 21 Jump Street, also those of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, pulls it off.

Officer Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and officer Jenko (Channing Tatum) are supposedly incompetent cops, so fresh out of police academy that they have yet to memorise the Miranda Rights. For their first assignment, they are sent undercover to bust a drug ring in the high school they graduated from almost a decade before. Old roles, however, have reversed. Times have changed and the love-sick nerd is now the smooth operator, and vice versa. Still, their mission to bust the drug supplier remains.

Tatum plays his self-deprecating role as a complete man bimbo sarcastically well, and Hill once agains proves his comedic expertise in the role of the white, chubby loser. Expect same old formulaic scenes including the disastrous prom but be pleasantly surprised by how the directors and scriptwriters actually make it still funny.

Supported by Rob Riggle as the loud coach, Chris Parnell the all-dramatic drama teacher, Ellie Kemper as the desperate Chemistry teacher and Jake Johnson as the head of the school with pent-up anger, there might just be a bit too many characters here. Yet, each contributes laughs here and there while irreverence actions – like releasing doves for a dramatic effect pre-prom – fills in the gaps in between well. If you would like to like screwball cop comedies again, 21 Jump Street might just be the one to revive your interest.

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