Good Deeds

Good_DeedsHave you ever felt discontentment despite living a life seemingly rich and successful? Good Deeds, directed by Tyler Perry, explores this theme.

Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) goes by the book, living the life of a polite well-to-do businessman who takes over his father's business successfully. He is also set to marry the beautiful Natalie (Gabrielle Union), which would please his domineering mother (Phylicia Rashad) tremendously. However, a chance encounter with widow Lindsey (Thandie Newton) and her adorable daughter (Jordenn Thompson) slowly but steadily changes everything.

We entered the theatre expecting a formulaic feel-good film and was glad that Good Deeds has neatly managed to avoid a few cliches as well as demonstrates great depth in character through a brilliant cast.

Perry plays the perfect son, husband-to-be and boss well while revealing hints of seething discontentment beneath that shiny exterior. He is also accompanied by a charming supporting cast of Thandie Newton and Gabrielle Union, one as an attractive single mother and the other as a lovely lady who is merely feels for Deeds as a friend rather than a lover.

While Good Deeds may not live up to our expectations as a feel-good movie, there are ample laughs and characters interesting enough to get us by as a sit back and relax weekend flick.

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