The Amazing Spiderman

Everyone knows the story of Peter Parker by heart now. So what's the big deal with The Amazing Spiderman? The FreshGrads team checks the latest blockbuster out.

For the strangely ignorant, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is a socially awkward high school student raised by his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen). Like any other teenager, he searches for his self-identity in life. A mysterious briefcase he inherits from his father leads him to the Oscorp and Dr Curt Conners' (Rhys Ifans) lab. What he finds there when he gets bitten by a genetically modified spider? His true destiny, love interest played by Emma Stone, and the truth behind his father's demise.

Dropping the memories of the previous three Spiderman films, this rendition has its own merits. However, with the great success of its predecessors, it pales much in comparison – covering the same old ground and even failing in emotional scenes such as the death of Uncle Ben. Though Garfield plays Spiderman adequately, he displays insufficient charm to shaken Tobey MaGuire's impression in old fans' minds.

But while The Amazing Spiderman is not that amazing and neither is anything of significance new, there are moments of playful comedy – like trucing bully (Chris Zylka) with his newfound superhuman power – and, at the same time, a darker side in this remake that fans would want to catch regardless.

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