Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age one to three has brought many families and adults alike much joy and entertainment. But will its fourth installment bring as much enjoyable as its predecessors?

Again, naughty squirrel Scrat, in constant pursue of The Acorn, has forced everyone into an adventure. Mammoth Manny (Ray Romano) plus friends Sid (John Leguizamo) and sabre tooth Diego (Denis Leary) are separated from the rest of the herd including Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Peaches (Keke Palmer). To make it back to their friends, they use an iceberg as a makeshift ship on a sea quest back to home and family. Along the way, they meet new characters, including some scary ones, and wins a few battles.

Now, as much as we loved the first three installments, a fourth Ice Age movie in 10 years is just a little too much to stomach. The characters are still as lovable but there aren't any new developments to them. The moral of the story remains much the same of overcoming adversity with the strong bonds of friendship.

To the film's credit, there are a couple of cute characters such as Sid's hilarious family members, some loudmouth sea pirates and one lovely Shira (Jennifer Lopez), a sexy sabre tooth who has Diego captivated. The ending of the film hints of a fifth installment but, if there is to be no development of the characters and story as it was for Continental Drift, it will only end up a shadow of the past.

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