Life as an academic intellectual isn't as simple as excelling in your studies or submitting excellent reports. It now involves sharp political maneuvering – even within father and sons – as well, according to intellectual comedy Footnote.

Set in modern day Jerusalem, Footnote is a reconciliatory tale of father-son pair, Eleizer Shkolnik (Shlomo Bar Aba) and Uriel Shkolnik (Lior Ashkenazi), both professors specializing in Talmudic studies. As if life with research and books aren't tough enough; politics and academic feuds have Elizezer's brilliance buried. Though deterred by rival Grossman (Micah Lewensohn), young intellectual superstar Uriel works hard to have his dad's efforts recognised in the form of the coveted Israel Prize. However, when things seem to finally fall into place when the elder Shkolnik looks set to win the prize, reactions aren't as expected and hidden struggles surfaces.

The complete opposites of the father and son is interesting and keeps one curious how the two maintain awkward respect and quiet love for each other. Though the topic may seem far too solemn to be entertaining and the intricate emotions within hard to relate, the film moves along smoothly in a quick pace thanks to well placed little details and close ups, and a brilliant cast of course.

Without compromising on humor, Footnote wittily reminds us to let loose and not take ourselves too seriously. A great piece to catch that deals with ambition, ego and family relations.

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