Wolf Children

Acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda of two highly successfully films, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars, has done a great job once again with his third film The Wolf Children.

19-year-old student Hana falls in love with a mysterious man who later revealed his identity as a wolf man. Her feelings undeterred by this revelation, the two continued their relationship resulting in two lovely kids, Ame and Yuki. Unfortunately, Hana's lover soon met with tragedy and passes on. Now a single mother, she moves to the rural area to better raise her children, finding her way around as she paves the way till they have to make a life defining decision.

There are several touching and gentle moments in this animation with beautiful visuals of lush forests and captivating mountains. The wolfman's love and quiet meaningful times with Hana, a Yuki's presence giving Hana the strength to carry on when farming was getting tough… all contribute to the audience's attachment to the lovable characters as the film proceeds.

This is a heartwarming must-watch film for children, new parents, animation film lovers and mothers all at the same time.

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