Ruby Sparks

Just when we thought ideas for romantic comedies are running out, here comes Ruby Sparks, a fresh take on falling in love with your dream girl.

Despite an earlier success ten years ago, young novelist Calvin (Paul Dano) is now facing the possibility of being just a one-hit wonder. At the same time, his love life isn't looking too good as well. When he finally breaks through, coming up with Ruby (Zoe Kazan), a fictitious free-spirited girl he dreamt about. He freaks out at the absurdity of his creation come alive but does not escape the fate of returning to the manipulative lover as with his previous relationship, especially when he realises the power of his pen. But really, who is in control?

Realising how ethically wrong it is to manipulate his true love, he sets his heart to put his pen and that power away. But not for long. He quickly relishes the ability to change her attitude towards him at will. Henceforth, the film explores an interesting premise and actual desirability of changing your partner to your wishes, anytime and anywhere.

With the lead actors – Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan – actual lovers in real life, there is no issue with chemistry and their interactions come across genuine. The film, directed by couple Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine), is also well paced and engaging. There's much room to go wrong with cheap or crude jokes but the experienced directors carefully avoid that with wit and charm, making this a great romantic comedy to catch.

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