Celeste and Jesse

Is it really true there's an expiry date to love? Celeste and Jesse explores the relationship between a longtime couple and best friends post divorce.

Childhood couple Celeste and Jesse have been best friends since forever before marriage entered the picture. Years on, Celeste (Rashida Jones) is an up and rising, demanding media consultant while spouse Jesse (Andy Samberg) has gone back into unemployment. It seems their paths in life has diverged and the duo makes the decision to separate. Or not?

There is much room for interesting characters in such a set up, and Celeste is one intriguing one. She is uptight and funnily judgmental, as revealed with her quick yet ruthless snap analysis of fellow yoga classmate (Chris Messina) who plucked up the courage to ask her out. It is also revealing observing how the media consultant is great at forecasting bigger cultural patterns yet clueless about her own life. She goes through New Age spirituality, yoga and health foods.

Jesse's life, on the other hand, meets with a twist as he gets his new girlfriend Veronica (Rebecca Dayan) pregnant after a mere one-night stand. He makes the decision to get his act together. Sadly, Samberg's acting failed to capture all the deep emotions that should have been in this film.

There are several witty moments as well as funny ones that rendered laughter throughout the film despite cliched ones like Elijah Wood as a gay friend who gives great advice. However, the movie feels to draw one in with erratic moments and an incoherent script. Doesn't help that the male lead failed to ooze any charm or simply even get his acting together.

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