Following an average response to the Quantum of Solace comes Skyfall. Would it live up to expectations arising from Casino Royale? We will see.

Bond (Daniel Craig) is tasked to retrieve a MI6 hard drive which holds the identities – and fates – of many NATO spies stationed all over the world. Villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) tauntingly stands between him and his goal.

The film opens in a long but satisfying action-packed chase where Craig as Bond performs his customary chops, reassuring us the audience that they are in the right theatre. But the hero quickly falls when hit by a sniper rifle bullet fired by Bond girl Eve (Naomi Harris), ironically rewarding us a huge scare. Skyfall successfully plays with the audience's emotions here and adds on to the suspense and thrill of watching a Bond movie.

To add on to the fast-paced Skywalk, writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade churn out witty lines between characters and a little background on our hero to add some heart to the script. Complemented with excellent little facial expressions and movements against a sombre mood by director Sam Mendes, we were in for an exciting film with sufficient laughter and great acting from a stellar cast.

Bond fans or not, this is a must-watch for action buffs and a great weekend catch for others despite being slightly over the two hour mark.

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