Based on one of crime novelist Donald E. Westlake's stories, Parker is an action-packed film upheld by the star power of Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

Parker (Jason Statham) is a thief but one with a strict code of ethics: he only steals from people who can afford it and he does not hurt those that do not deserve it. Sad for him though, his team isn't as honourable as he is. In their latest heist, they double-cross him, takes his loot and almost kills him. Too bad for them, the tough nail survives and tracks them down to Palm Beach, where the rich and famous dwell, and where they are preparing for their biggest job ever. Disguised as a rich Texan, Parker enlists the help of the smart and savvy insider Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) to complete his revenge. Villains (Michael Chiklis and Wendell Pierce) and dumb cop (Bobby Cannavale) stand in the path but not for long.

The backdrop at Palm Beach is gorgeous and so is Lopez, who often appears in figure-hugging outfits as well as a scene stripped to her undies. Her on-screen chemistry with Statham is passable and she manages to have the audience sympathise with her down-and-out character, newly divorced and staying with mom.

Statham is a great actor who seems to be down on his luck on great scripts. Charismatic and witty, his action scenes are convincing too. However, to move into the hall of fame, he needs to be cast in a role that leaves its mark. Sadly, Parker is not the one. The movie is enjoyable – except for those with low tolerance for violence – but forgettable.

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