Psy - Gentleman

Psy, star of the internationally acclaimed viral music video, ‘Gangnam Style’, released a new music video titled ‘Gentleman’ on Youtube at 9.00pm (1200 GMT) on Saturday.


The much anticipated follow-up video to ‘Gangnam Style’ broke Youtube records, racking up over 20 million hits in the first 24 hours. It has completely destroyed the previous record for single-day views of 8 million, set by Canadian sissy Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ video in May 2012.




‘Gentleman’ looks set to break more records with the view count currently at 51 million and still climbing.




The video features Psy in a pair of goofy sunglasses dancing in various locations in Seoul with a lot of pretty faces swaying their tits and ass around, really good stuff. This video has a similar catchy beat like ‘Gangnam Style’, and like the previous video, people who don’t understand Korean will only be able to discern one word, if not, a few.




Psy is still sticking to his belief to “dress classy and dance cheesy” in ‘Gentleman’ with creepy guys and many hot Korean girls shaking their thang.


The chubby South-Korean music artiste is a satire on the luxury lifestyle of Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district, he rocketed to global stardom after ‘Gangnam Style’ became the most-watched YouTube video of all time, registering more than 1.5 billion views since it debuted last July.


If you have not watched ‘Gentleman’ yet, be sure to check it out below. If you have already seen it, watch it again anyways. You know you want to.


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