10 Insane Film Facts That Are Totally Legit

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Watching a certain movie genre could help you lose weight more effectively than that stupid diet you are on!
1. Time travel movies are banned in China
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The Chinese government apparently considers the subject of time travel to be a dangerous element of fiction and detrimental to their people’s mental well being. They don’t like anything that distorts the natural sequence of events.
2. The actress in The Ring is the voice of Lilo in Lilo & Stitch
Daveigh Chase
Daveigh Chase probably haunted you in your night terrors for years after you stupidly decided to watch The Ring, but she has also played an endearing part in your childhood as the voice of the adorable Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. Also, she is hella hot.
3. Steven Spielberg has been given more credit at the Oscars than God
Steven Spielberg
Apparently someone with too much free time on his/her hands have compared the number of times that people thanked Steven Spielberg and God. Spielberg came out on top.
4. Sylvester Stallone sold his dog for $40
Sylvester Stallone
Before the Italian Stallone made in big in Hollywood, he was too poor to afford food for himself and his precious pooch, so he made the heartbreaking decision of selling his dog to a family who could take care of him. There is a happy ending though. After Stallone got his big break, he went back and purchased his dog back for $15,000.
5. Alice Guy-Blaché was the first woman director in 1896, and went on to direct over 1,000 movies
Alice Guy-Blaché
Talk about going big or going home. Alice Guy-Blaché didn’t just pioneer female directorship for film industries, she also claims one of the most prolific film careers ever. She created over 1,000 cinematic works, 350 of which have survived, and 22 of those are feature films.
6. Horror movies could help you lose weight
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According to a study from the University of Westminster, watching a horror classic such as The Shining could help you to burn around 184 calories, and seeing Linda Blair swiveling her head around 360 degrees in The Exorcist may help burn off 158 calories. On-screen scares accelerate your heart rate, and cause a surge in adrenaline.
7. The stunt double for Harry Potter was left paralyzed after suffering an accident while filming
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The mastery of the Harry Potter films did not come without casualties. David Holmes commandeered all the incredible stunts for Daniel Radcliffe from the first movie all the way up to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where he fractured his neck in a stunt gone wrong. He is not tragically tetraplegic (paralyzed from the neck down) but with an amazingly optimistic outlook on life. David is still close friends with Daniel and he’s a young philanthropist with a heart of gold.
8. Danny Trejo once shut down Director Robert Rodríguez by telling him “Machete don’t text.”
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Danny Trejo would often call up Director Robert Rodríguez to run some ideas off him, but the director is understandably extremely busy and frequently stuck in meetings, so one day when Rodríguez told Trejo that it would be more convenient if they corresponded via text messaging, Trejo simply responded: “Machete don’t text.” And from there, a new badassery was born. The director was so amused by it that the line even made it into the movie.
9. Yoda’s toes are the secret of the galaxy
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Not even the geekiest of Star Wars geeks know how many toes Yoda has. Yoda possesses a different number of toes with each different episode. In Episode I, Yoda has three toes, while in Episodes III and VI he has four toes. In Episode V, it's not clear if he has three or four toes. All the Yoda toys produced don't help either, because they've had three, four, and sometimes even five toes.
10. James Cameron gave up his job as a truck driver after watching Star Wars
James Cameron
No offense to truckies out there, but thank the force! James Cameron went through a rather confusing path to end up on the right trek and found his true calling. He had initially studied physics and literature, and was considering a career as a truck driver, but became interested in film and special effects after watching the first Star Wars movie. Without him, legendary cinematic masterpieces such as The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar would have never lived to see the day.
Source: Buzzfeed
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