The Ugly Truth

In the latest chick flick, "The Ugly Truth", Katherine Heigl plays Abby, a typical career woman type producer who loathes the guts of Mike (Gerard Butler), a cable TV character she has to work with to save her job. Mike delivers relationship advice in a racy, disturbing but admittedly, humorous way that bears truth in them. And like any other generic romantic comedy, opposites attract and the two eventually falls in love but not before a hilarious segment on how Mike assisted Abby in pursuing the man of her dreams, doctor Colin (Eric Winter).

Director Robert Luketic has two other chick flicks to his name: "Legally Blonde" and "Monster-in-Law". But despite some witty one-liners and two gorgeous main leads, "The Ugly Truth" fails to impress. The movie wastes a cast; under-developing Cheryl Hines's and John Michael Higgins's potential.

Also, cinema buffs, or less, should be able to see the parallels between "The Ugly Truth" and "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) in a less than well done fake orgasm scene in the restaurant as well as in the love-hate relationship between the successful but insecure female and the crude and free-spirited male leads.

However, "The Ugly Truth" is slightly more successful in the romantic chemistry between the two very real and flawed characters. The movie earns enough laughs along the way to ignore the "When Harry Met Sally" similarities and the disappointment from greater expectations from an excellent cast.

Worth a lazy day in on a DVD but not $10 at the theaters.

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