The Time Traveler's Wife

Based on a 2004 best-selling novel of love transcending time by Audrey Niffenegger, "The Time Traveler's Wife" is a tale of Henry (Eric Bana), an involuntary time traveler with a rare genetic anomaly that sends him to and fro times and spaces in his life. Each time leaving his clothes behind and hence, having to run for his life at where he ends up at. Despite the inconveniences that comes with Henry's disappearing acts, his love interest, Clare (Rachel McAdams) seeks a marriage with Henry.
One of the first few scenes of the film begins with Clare meeting Henry at the library he works at. He does not recognise her but she is already in love with him for years. He has been a friend to her since her childhood and has influenced her greatly. They have been spending time together since Clare was a child. Still, it was sort of creepy the way Henry, naked after some time traveling, seduces a child of such tender age in her playground of an idyllic field behind her house. The same place when they fell in love and did it when she was 16. Romantic as it is, the nagging rationality in me highlights how fast Henry accepted his relationship with Clare and just after dinner, they are passionate lovers.

But that was easily overlooked with smart play of the whole time traveling mechanism. Tired of Clare's miscarriages (due to the baby's ability to time travel), Henry underwent vasectomy only to have her outwitting him. She gets pregnant with a younger version of him in one of his time travels.

A good romance worth catching for the interesting plot and for Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams who look so good together.

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