Be With Me

Be With Me, by acclaimed director Eric Khoo (Mee Pok Man, 12 Storeys), is essentially a look at four separate characters with the common goal of seeking love. The film has done the Singapore film scene proud by getting screened in the 2005 Cannes Festival and winning distribution deals throughout Europe.

Four love stories are well weaved together with little dialogue in this film. "Meant to Be": An old shopkeeper living the last of his years in loneliness after the loss of his wife. "Finding Love": A timid security guard who admires and stalks an executive who works in the building he guards. "So in Love": A teenage girl experimenting and trying to grasp the concept of love both same gender and not. And finally, the only non-fictionous character - Singapore's Helen Keller of sorts - Theresa Chan who triumphed over being deaf and blind to become a teacher and an inspiration to others. She plays herself in the film.

The tales are seemingly unrelated until the characters meet at the end of the movie. - the teenage girl with the security guard and Theresa Chan with the elderly shopkeeper. Few words are exchanged and action speaks louder than words in Be With Me perhaps to stimulate the silent world main protagonist Theresa lives in. Eric Khoo's choice of cast whose performance clearly brings out the movie's essence without words is not without hard work. He spent six months tracking down the elderly old man played by Chiew Sung Ching, who starred in an earlier short film named the "Symphony 92.4FM".

The film might be a little slow-paced but patience is rewarded at the end where the closing scene may bring tears to the eyes of some. All in all, the film is an inspiring, moving narrative that deserves to be seen whether local or not. Freshgrads thinks its name says it all - Be With Me.

Official site: Be With Me Official Site, Be With Me Wikipedia 

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