Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Did You Hear About The Morgans? is a romantic comedy directed by Marc Lawrence (Music and Lyrics) that, well, you don't want to see or hear about. The latest film by the director who brought a number of passable romantic comedies to his audience falls flat on this one.

Paul (Hugh Grant) is a New York lawyer separated from his wife Meryl (Sarah Jessica Parker) as a result of a one-time infidelity. In his desperate attempt to win her back, they - lucky for him - witness a murder and as key witnesses are sent hiding in Wyoming and forced to live together again for their safety. They are left in the care of Sheriff Clay Wheeler (Sam Elliot) and his wife Emma (Mary Steenburgen). And, of course, they fall back in love with each other.

Did You Hear About The Morgans is full of cliches about guns, bears, rodeos and cow milking, and filled with stereotypes like the prim and proper Brit  lawyer character Hugh Grant plays. There is hardly any laughs, much less wit in the film.

What's worse, the two seasoned and arguably popular lead characters are painful to watch, especially in a romantic comedy - their lack of chemistry is clearly evident and even forced. Sarah Jessica Parker seems a tad stiff on screen; it takes sometime to warm up to her whiny character, or not. Hugh Grant plays, as mentioned, his familiar charming Brit albeit a wincing husband that you will warm up quickly but really, no stunning performance here. Besides, Meryl nags at Paul so much over his infidelity and him apologising just as much wears the audience's patience thin. Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant have never been less charming.

In a sentence, while the film is harmless, it is charmless as well. So, now that you have heard about the Morgans, don't even bother with the DVD.

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