Left 4 Dead 2

I bet you miss killing zombies. Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 takes zombie hunting to a new level. Instead of just running around shooting anything that charges at you, or that crying witch, you now have to fetch cola for some crazy old man and fuel up a sports car. Unlike the first game where you just sit around to kill off all the zombies and the much-feared Tank at the final stage, then run for dear life for the airplane/boat/helicopter, you now have to work together as a team, not just to survive, but to get out alive.

I didn’t get the chance to play the demo, which is available on Steam, but I was lucky to get hold of the game on its world-wide launch date, and I must say, it looks like I’m going to be as addicted as the first one or more. I’m impressed with the audio and graphics. Like a good movie, the music has to suit. You’re not fighting off the apocalypse in the dark most of the time like the first one. It’s zombie town, meaning you’re building up the body pile in a somewhat smoky evening sun, which comes to me as a breath of fresh air, literally.

L4D 2’s big on personalities too. Louis looks like he gained about 200 pounds and his name is now Coach, Bill may have looked like Ellis when he was a kid, before joining the army. Francis has now taken a mafia form to be much sexier. Zoey’s just turned African American to Rochelle. The dialouge between characters, especially from Ellis makes good in-between-time-game-loading entertaining.

Like what I expected in the trailer preview, there’s a new bunch of melee weapons instead of just the pistol and double pistol like in the original game. There’s the crowbar, samurai sword, crocket bat, axe, electric guitar, chainsaw, and they brought everything including the frying pan.

There are more grenades too like the toxic puke. The range of guns have are wider in variety as well. There’s even the grenade launcher, combat rifle, silenced submachine gun. You can also upgrade the weapons to Laser Sight. I particularly like this because at least now you can see where your other teammates are aiming at when they’re behind you, especially in the dark. Healing kits have also been added on wit the Adrenaline and Defibrillator to heal and revive survivors.

The Infected, of course, the game would not be the same without them. Let’s start with the other most feared lady than Rochelle. She’s now the Wandering Witch. So beware, take note. Listen out for her crying, she’s only walking around during the daytime, cries less, and harder to avoid.

The other female infected, that can also be player controlled, the Spitter, how apt they decided to make it a she. She spits out phlegm bombs that’s actually acid, step on it and that’ll be a dip in your life.

Another new family member of the Infected is the Charger. He runs, knocks down and you’ll need your teammates to rescue later. It’s sort of like a half mutated Tank, but not as strong.

The last new notable mention is the Jockey, it’s smaller and hunched back, and like the Hunter, you can see it jumping around from far off. Instead of pouncing on you, it’ll cling to your shoulders.

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