It's Complicated

It's Complicated, directed by Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday), is an example of an average romantic comedy made successful with a charming cast.

Meryl Streep plays Jane Adler, successful owner of a bakery and mother of three grown-up children, and Alec Baldwin plays Jake, her attorney ex-husband due to a one-time infidelity. Noteworthy in the rest of the cast are son-in-law John Krasinski (The Office) and love interest Steve Martin (Pink Panther).

So why exactly is it complicated? When Jane and Jake - divorced for a decade - heads down to New York for their son's college graduation, they get involved in a one-night-stand. Jake, who is re-married to the woman he committed infidelity with, sweet talks Jane into continuing the affair and ironically becoming the other woman upon their return. And as in all romantic comedies, the female lead is pursued by another - architect-turned-love interest Adam (Steve Martin) - who adds on to Jane's complicated over-aged love life.

The veteran cast, especially Streep, plays an important part in this movie. Had the actors not been as lovable, the romantic comedy would've fallen flat. The audience will be more likely to remember the actors' acting rather than the plot. Their acting clearly reflected their experience though they were all a little much in their own ways - Streep was a little too giggly, Baldwin too naughty and Martin was way too shy.

It's Complicated is the kind of romantic comedy that film-goers could count on for an enjoyable but forgettable time, and especially uplifting for older women. Think older woman with three grown-up kids pursued once again by ex-husband and another man at the same time. It is also the kind of average film you will not recommend to your friends on your own accord but neither will you deny that it brought you a few laughs and a pretty decent way to spend - a slightly too long - two hours.

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