Clash of the Titans


Clash of the Titans was a highly anticipated movie, with a rich dose of Greek mythology, good old sword-wielding action scenes and a pretty good cast. Couple this with a fantastic trailer, and you will get flocks of eager moviegoers. FreshGrads joined the fanatic excitement at the box office to tell you if you should give it a go, or to miss it completely.

The star-studded cast of Sam Worthington (Avatar) as Perseus, Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List) as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter films) as Hades should make for an entertaining show, even if they were all dressed disturbingly in horribly short skirts. Perseus even donned several belts that fashionistas would love to get.

However, the movie suffered from a case of bad character development and weak storyline. There are many characters in the movie, from Perseus’s fishermen family, citizens of Argos, the Olympians and the brave soldiers that fought with Perseus. Yet, none were developed enough that they are special and memorable. The flat characters made the 3D action movie thrilling, but not moving. Think 2012, with only nature as the obstacle and no antagonist as all.

In any case, the weak storyline made the movie very much a wham, bang and roll credits sort. The dialogue was not memorable, nor particularly witty or meaningful. In fact, the only phrase everyone loved was “Release the Kraken!” – which was rather spoilt I felt, by the not too scary appearance by the sea monster. For perhaps five minutes while Perseus zipped around the Kraken and saved Princess Andromeda, the creature only thrashed wildly about the city. Cue screams.


And if you enjoy your Greek mythology, you might be wondering why Perseus got together with Io when the myth dictates his romance with Andromeda. Besides, Danae – Perseus’s birth mom – was supposed to be the King’s virginal daughter, not wife. Did I also mention that the Kraken belongs in Norse mythology, not Greek? And just one more, Cassiopeia – Andromeda’s mom – supposedly compared her own beauty to the sea nymphs, not her daughter’s to the Olympians.

Are you still watching this movie?

My movie partner laughed when Perseus wield the sword Zeus gifted him – as the sword magicked from a simple metal rod to a deadly sword, he went “Light Saber!”

I say, we should just wait for Shrek Forever After. Or if you are really keen on the Titans, grab the release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, I will go figure out why the movie knocked How to Tame a Dragon off the charts with USD 64 million.

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