Like Karate Kid (2010), A-Team is a movie remake of a popular TV series from the eighties. But while the big budget film, directed by Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces), might be an action-comedy that females will be able to enjoy action without much spilling of blood, males might find it lacking in both brains and brawn.

Our heroes are led by team leader, Hannibal (Liam Neeson) who always has a plan for everything. And true to the TV series, he is often spotted with his trademark cigar. At the start of the show, he gives a backgrounder to the history of A-Team – he rounds up B.A. (Quinton Jackson) a big guy in mohawk but who is afraid of flying and rescues a fearless Face (Bradley Cooper), who steals the show simply by flashing his bright smile and well-toned abs. Next, Howling Mad Murdock (Sharlto Copley) is recruited from the military nuthouse and gives the audience a glimpse of how crazy these guys might be. Fast forward eight years later, the team of elite army rangers, who "specialise in the ridiculous", were framed for the theft of a case of printing plates for the greenbacks. With the help of CIA creep (Patrick Wilson), they broke out of prison in a bid to reinstate their honour.

Here begins the real "story plot": In between several great wisecracks – and an indirect dig at mercenaries Blackwater, renamed as Black Forest in the movie – is a series of stunts from helicopter acrobatics, flying full-sized tanks, shipping containers falling over like lego blocks – just to clear their names.

Contrary to most who would find this a brainless mess of screen mayhem, I actually enjoyed this movie. Yes, the plot and whatever these guys do are ridiculous. Yes, Sosa (Jessica Biel)'s role in the movie barely holds. Yes, there are absurd and even laughable moments like Sosa and Face on their committment issues, and Hannibal and B.A. on Gandhi's theories.

But as Face's final strategy of "distraction, diversion, division" goes, the many hilarious moments, such as Murdock breaking into perfect Swahili to get through customs and an old granny stifling a giggle as the team's tank crashes into her husband's boat, kept me mindlessly but well-entertained.

I suppose, true to its name, A-Team is an action-comedy. Literally.

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