Triple Tap

Directed by Derek Yee (Shinjuku Incident, Overheard), Triple Tap – referring to the art of shooting so sharp that the holes formed by three bullets overlap – is a psychological thriller sequel of sorts to Double Tap, which the director filmed seven years ago and his recent last film, Overheard. The film stars Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Li Bingbing, Charlene Choi, Alex Fong, Lam Suet, Chapman To and Andrew Lin.

The scene kicks off with a shooting competition where banker Ken (Louis Koo) beats police detective Jerry (Daniel Wu) to the championship with an astounding triple tap. Soon after, Ken becomes entangled in a heist where he was forced to fire at – and kill – four robbers with his competition pistol in an attempt to save a policeman taken hostage. He faces criminal charges for his actions but was acquitted and made a media hero. However, following an unexplainable gut feeling, Jerry suspects that there is more than meets the eye to Ken. The duo engages in a battle of brains and brawn as the plot reveals a twist to the story.

As in Overheard and undoubtedly a psychological thriller by the same director, the audience is unsurprisingly put through the suspense of guessing who exactly the villain was. Does Jerry's suspicions of Ken stems purely from jealousy? Or is there more to Ken's seemingly perfect exterior? Though an improvement from director Yee's previous attempts at psychological thrillers, the film fails to draw its audience with weak characters and unconvincing scenarios. And yes, he should really quit trying after three weak attempts.

Louis Koo, unable to present the layers of emotions and depth required of his character, fails to impress again in this pyschological thriller, as in Overheard. Similarly, Daniel Wu, though adequate for the role, was unable to add much required dimension to his character which was given little background. Supporting characters such as Ken's girlfriend played by Charlene Choi and Jerry's mentor played by Alex Fong were also underplayed.

Nonetheless, the well-paced film with good-looking actors keeps the audience sufficiently entertained. But I would say, go catch Triple Tap only if you wish to see the stars on big screen. If not, like many other Chinese films, it would be wiser to wait for the DVD.


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