Robin Hood 2010

In the latest remake of Robin Hood by director Ridley Scott's (Gladiator, Alien), whether the archer has missed his mark or not really depends on your point of view.

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Ip Man 2

Following a great success in its first, Ip Man 2 continues in Hong Kong where the calm and cool kung fu grandmaster (Donnie Yen) establishes his own Wing Chun martial arts school. The much anticipated sequel, directed by Wilson Yip, also stars Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Fan Siu Wong and Huang Xiaoming among others.

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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2, directed by Jon Favreau, returns for more action. In the sequel to its huge success in 2008, inventor cum millionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) reveals his superhero identity, faces multiple villains and enlists the help of new allies.

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Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Ice Kacang Puppy Love, taiwan-based Malaysian Ah Niu's directorial debut, is a heartwarming film that promises to bring back memories of the recent past of traditional coffee shops and childhood games. The celebrated cast includes Malaysian artists Lee Shin Jie (best actress for The Eye (2005)), Fish Leong, Eric Moo, Angela Chan, Yi Jet Qi, Gary Chaw, Victor Wong and of course, Ah Niu himself.

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Clash of the Titans


Clash of the Titans was a highly anticipated movie, with a rich dose of Greek mythology, good old sword-wielding action scenes and a pretty good cast. Couple this with a fantastic trailer, and you will get flocks of eager moviegoers. FreshGrads joined the fanatic excitement at the box office to tell you if you should give it a go, or to miss it completely.

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