Love is crazy: Pangdemonium's Next To Normal Reviewed

Pangdemonium Next To Normal
"Who's crazy? 
The one who can't cope
Or maybe the one who'll still hope
The one who sees doctors or the one who just waits in the car
And I was a wild twenty five
And I loved a wife so alive
But now I believe I would settle for one who can drive."

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Movie Review: Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel
Man of Steel debuted in Singapore cinemas yesterday, June 13, with almost every major theater selling out. Superman returns to the big screen starring the sizzling hot Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
The much anticipated Marvel’s Iron Man 3 was released in Singapore cinemas just yesterday. In this third instalment, Tony Stark goes up against the elusive Mandarin, an incredibly intelligent villain whose crafty, diabolical schemes knows no bounds.

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Psy - Gentleman

Psy, star of the internationally acclaimed viral music video, ‘Gangnam Style’, released a new music video titled ‘Gentleman’ on Youtube at 9.00pm (1200 GMT) on Saturday.


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Into Unknown Waters

The ocean is a beautiful, magical place teeming with a diversity of marine life in all shades of the colour spectrum, millions that will take your breath away. But aside from the spectacular coral reefs, the friendly dolphins, and the adorable sea creatures you see in Finding Nemo, there is more that lurks in these waters; creatures that are the stuff of nightmares and sci-fi movies.

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