By Korean director Park Chan Wook, Stoker is a psychologically thriller that would satisfy fans of Black Swan or the Hitchcock genre.

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This is 40

This is 40 is a movie of a case of first world problems such as having a gorgeous wife, driving a luxury car and being your own boss at a boutique record label. For fans of Knocked Up, this is also somewhat its sequel.

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Hyde Park on the Hudson

Hyde_Park_on_the_HudsonDirected by Roger Michell (Morning Glory), with Academy Award nominees Bill Murray and Laura Linney, Hyde Park on the Hudson is a light-hearted take at one of America's most loved presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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Based on one of crime novelist Donald E. Westlake's stories, Parker is an action-packed film upheld by the star power of Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

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Journey to the West

Chinese New Year nights often calls for a late night movie with friends as close as relatives. This year, we have good old jolly Stephen Chow's work, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, on screens!

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