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This month, FreshGrads writer Amanda Lee checks out homegrown skincare company Bio-essence's three new products – namely the Hydra Spa Energy (Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask), the Bio-Essence Tanaka series, and the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream.

Hydra Spa Energy (Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask) from Bio-Essence

The Hydra Spa Energy sleeping mask promises to ‘restore new, youthful skin by hydrating and nourishing your skin while sleeping.

I’m not one to use masks when I sleep as I’m deathly afraid of the cream coming off and rubbing onto my clean pillow. And true enough, the next morning I woke up with a few smudges on my pillow. Disappointing, but what else did I expect from a cream mask? I applied a really thin layer too.

The good thing, however, was that though I applied a really thin layer, my skin felt hydrated, not oily – I have a rather oily complexion – and soft. Which was surprising because I sleep with the air conditioning on and my skin is usually pretty dry and oily (at the same time) in the morning.

The mask is simple to put on. After moisturising your face at night, apply an even amount onto your face. This should be the last step of your skincare regime. Leave the mask on till morning, then cleanse your face.

Bio-Essence Tanaka series

The Tanaka series promises youthful, fair and radiant skin and originates from a traditional whitening secret used by Myanmar women. Its main ingredient is the Tanaka tree bark extract which has ‘deep nourishing, hydrating and cooling properties’.

All three products, night cream, day cream and lotion are whitening and moisturising creams.

Both the night and day creams are essentially the same thing, just suited for different times of the day. They have a very light, fresh fragrance that’s pleasant enough to have on for a whole day. Also, the creams keep your face nicely hydrated throughout the day. The night cream seems more promising – it left my face feeling refreshed after a nights sleep and didn’t feel heavy on my skin, my dark eye circles seemed to have faded a little and my skin was more even than before.

The lotion has SPF15, which means that though it can be used for both day and night, it’s more suited for daily activities. Hence, I used it on top of the whitening day cream. Over-kill? Maybe, but it gives great protection for the whole day. It’s slightly oilier than the day cream, so it would be good to use just a thin layer over the day cream. Or, if you’re especially lazy, forgo the day cream and skip right to the the SPF 15 lotion.

Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream

The Korea cosmetics industry leads this BB cream craze but other cosmetic brands are quickly jumping on the bandwagon to grab a piece of the pie. Bio-Essence has the upper hand with their 8-in-1 Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream. A SPF 25 sunblock, moisturiser and concealer all at the same time, it also consists of elements for skin whitening, reducing wrinkles and lines, oil control, gives skin repair and nourishment for your skin. In other words, it is jam-packed full of goodies for your skin.

Personally, I love BB creams, and I anticipate the day the perfect BB cream is discovered and works just like photoshop on your face. This came close.

Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream has good coverage, almost completely evened out my skin-tone and matched my skin colour. Only trouble was that it was not as thick as I would have liked it to be. For this, to avoid smearing, I had to dab slowly and follow up with a dusting of powder to keep my face matt and less shiny. Definitely not great for girls on the go.

However, the cream lasted the whole day in the air-conditioning, came out looking great and also lasted throughout the afternoon in the hot sun. So, if you’re willing to spend a little more time on your make-up for a flawless finish, this BB cream is definitely for you.

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