L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask

Every once in a while my hair gets unbearably dry, frizzy and I feel like its going to catch fire anytime! If your hair feels like mine, it is time to give it some deep conditioning. The L'oreal Elseve Smooth-intense Mask, which promises to leave your hair silky and smooth to touch after use, is a deep conditioner to be used weekly.

I was pretty pleased with the results for this product! After a single wash, the mask made my hair feel light and silky as opposed to the coated, heavy feel that some hair masks leave after use. On the flip side, the effect only lasted for about four to five days.

Upon the second use (after five days), my hair felt softer and long hair had significantly less frizz. The effect is even more evident when I blow-dried my hair. Usually my fingers get entangled in my mess of hair when I blow dry but this time, it didn't!

Use this after shampoo then squeeze as much water out as possible. Spread as much as it takes from middle down of your head. I used this thick paste for two weeks and it was my best so far. I would strongly recommend you join me in taming those rebellious tresses! Free samples could be found at SgFreeBee website!

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